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Having a great looking website and social media presence is no longer enough. In this specialized package of services, we’ll help you maximize your efforts with; (1) A full audit and optimization of your website to increase search engine positions, (2) custom landing pages that are optimized (3) and boosted for the best visibility possible (using paid ads), and (4) added mailing list sign-up forms that tie into (5) an automated email campaign (for lead nurturing).

Lead Nurturing
Lead Nurturing and Funnels for business

Want to know how to generate leads while you sleep? The reality is that the online world has evolved! Having a great looking website and a social media presence is no longer enough. Book a call with us to discuss your initiatives in detail or see below to learn more.

Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business

Your package will be tailored to your business needs and can include any or all of the following:

  • Added Mailing List Sign-up on all sites/pages
  • Subscriber Collection and Management
  • Creation and Scheduling of Email Campaigns
  • Creation and Automation of Email Journeys
  • Creation of Standalone Offer Landing Pages (new domains optional)
  • Search Engine Optimization Campaign of Website
  • Search Engine Optimization of Landing Pages
  • Paid Ads on Google and/or Meta

Additional optional services that will assist in optimization include:
Set-up or Rework of your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) including sync to Google Marketplace where applicable and creation of a Bing profile, and the creation and maintenance of profile listings on all major national online directories.

Establishing your Google Profile gives more credibility and authority to your website, so this is always recommended with any SEO Campaign.

Having additional listings also adds to your authority, and it lends to more backlinks to your website.
This is another component in SEO Campaign work because the more links you have, the more traffic you can get!
Plus, crawlers will see you as a popular and reputable source if you have a lot of outside sources linking to you.

Did you know?

Businesses that make 6+ figures online utilize this digital marketing strategy! In fact, once perfected, you will need to spend even less on ads; resulting in a lot less money needed for advertising.. and a lot less stress and effort required from you. Along with an informative freebie (which we highly recommend as your first offer), you’ll be able to gather a new crowd of leads to nurture into new clients!

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