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Our monthly SEO Maintenance Plans will keep your site fresh and performing at it’s best on search engines. As both a SEO and Web Design company, we can optimize your website! Using competitor analysis and keyword research, we can provide suggestions or updates to website content, and initiate all the other behind the scenes tricks that improve a website’s health and visibility – which increases (and adds) to your website’s rankings in search results.

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Worry less as we do the work necessary to get you showing up ahead of your competition.

Our Monthly SEO Plans will elevate your business by boosting your online presence and visibility. SEO is often an overlooked component unless you know how to do it. In our own experience, we find that the businesses that are consistent in monthly SEO work continue to rank higher than the rest of their competition. Don’t let your website fall through the cracks – let us help you bring in more traffic!


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Northnet Media SEO Maintenance

Here is what you get with a SEO maintenance plan from Northnet Media:

  • Regular Strategy Calls
  • Unlimited Maintenance Requests*
  • Monthly Site Audit Review
  • Monthly SEO Report*


  • Savings on Hourly Rates
  • Consistent Billing
  • Access to Content Authors
  • Access to Graphic Designers


  • Weekly Plugin and Security Updates
  • Priority Support
  • 1-2 Business Day Guarantee
  • Free Hosting*


* Available with a year-long commitment to our Accelerator package.

Here is what to expect with an SEO plan from Northnet Media:

  • Regular Strategy Calls
  • All Pages Monitored and Updated
  • Ongoing Keyword Analysis
  • Ongoing Competitor Analysis
  • Technical/Markup Updates
  • On-Page SEO Reviews & Updates
  • Weekly Position Tracking
  • Technical Site Audits
  • Organic Traffic Analysis
  • Social Media Tracker
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Backlink Audits

Considerations for a fully optimized website:









Did you know?

A fully optimized website should meet these benchmarks to pass these checks on a SEO Site Audit.. but that’s only one part of it. A lot of time and research goes into selecting specific keyphrases, as based on trends of what is being typed into search engines – and continuously reviewing these for updates. Consideration must be given to sticking to keywords that have a search volume, but don’t have a ton of similar pages using it; which would cause your website to fall into the latter pages of search results and possibly never be seen at all. And if your competitors are also doing SEO work.. you have to regularly review your positions and make changes to earn back your top rankings – which is exactly why SEO should be an ongoing project.

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