Ways to Improve your Website’s Ranking in Google Search Results

Jun 13, 2022 | SEO, Web Design

Do you need to improve your website because it has a low Google ranking.. and is only showing up on the latter pages of search results?

Perhaps, every once in a while, you get those spam emails from someone telling you that you need them to improve your website?

It’s a disappointment for entrepreneurs that have spent time and money creating a website that isn’t doing well. You can pour your heart and soul into its creation only to see little-to-nothing come from it.

When we encounter these entrepreneurs, they’ll share this story to hear our suggestions only to find out they’re completely unaware of these tips!

The truth is that some website building platforms don’t have an option for this. On many, they only suggest these external measures through FAQs & Support pages. Otherwise, you would have to research this, or already know about it, in order to act on it!

So without further ado… Here are our..


3 Actions to Improve your Website Ranking on Google:


Google Search Console


Google Search Results | Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Did you know that even if your website is published, it takes time for Google to catalogue it?

Not only that, but Google won’t catch updated pages right away either! This is why everyone should use Google Search Console in addition to their website publishing platform.

In addition to being able to push immediate indexing/re-indexing of your website, it will also report on any technical issues it encounters on any of your pages. This helps you to stay in the loop and be in control of your websites performance.

Other functions this can provide is being able to see and research your search results. You’ll want to give every major change/update some time to properly evaluate its results, but this is why you should return here every so often to determine next steps.


Google Business Profile


Google Business Tools | Photo courtesy of Unsplash


This is an absolute must if you have a physical location! But it can even add credibility to your website to set it up even if you don’t have a physical location. Setting up your Google Business Profile will allow you to be more easily searchable, and gives you another place on the web where you can showcase your business.

Post your hours and contact information, and link to your website. Utilize Google’s feature to book/shop directly. And allow customer reviews; which also adds more credibility to your website.

Extra features that can be utilized here are the capability to have a Google landing page, run Google ads, and create posts – all of which are external from your website.


Mobile Friendliness/Readability


Mobile Webiste | Photo courtesy of Unsplash


This is something that can be missed or under-utilized when you design/change your website. When building on the front end, it’s a little phone-icon toggle that can be switched to. Despite most publishers’ ability to transfer data from desktop to mobile views, it often shows everything at the same size. So when you look at the website on your phone, it looks like it’s blown up to be 200% bigger.

Having text and images that don’t fit the screen doesn’t look pleasing, and to your “cold leads”, it will come off as unprofessional. Given that the majority of website traffic today comes through mobile access, the mobile version of your website is highly important!

Our tip here is complete the design of your page(s) first in desktop view. Then, before publishing, switch to the mobile view to rearrange and resize everything.

Some platforms actually end up completely rearranging a page’s sections, so it requires time to complete this step. Know that you can also condense and hide elements in mobile view, so as to clean up the look of your website. This is useful for items/sections that only look better in desktop view but are considered too cluttered-looking on mobile.



These Top 3 Actions to Improve your Website ranking on Google is only the beginning! Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more tips. And if you need more specialized and customized solutions for your website, check out our services!


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