How to Revive a Website

Jul 11, 2022 | Web Design

Do you need to figure out how to revive a website because it is losing traffic?

Some are not aware that if there have been no updates to a website in over 12 months, it goes stale. Even if you have no reason to change your website because your business is operating and doing well, you can still start to lose traction online.

It’s akin to Google crawling it and noticing that nothing has changed in a long time, and it can only guess that you’re not utilizing it anymore.  

If this applies to you, check out our Top Tips to revive – and prevent – your website from losing traffic.


How to Revive a Website That’s Losing Traffic


Add/Change Content


Adding content to revive a website that's losing traffic | Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Even if you have no changes to make to your website pages’ copywriting, it’s always good to add something new. It could be as simple as adding a section or pop-ups with announcements or promotions. If you’re short on ideas, think about how you can share holiday announcements with your clients.

As trends change in the world and within your industry, ask yourself what you could be doing differently. When it comes to a store, it’s as easy as changing inventory or adding new products. But when you offer more specialized services, you may want to consider changing your offerings – or how they are presented.

Any change will provide an update to your website! And that’s really all you need to accomplish here.

But we also have some other ideas that you can use alongside this…



Start Blogging


Add a blog to revive a website that's losing traffic | Photo courtesy of Unsplash


Blogging is a major addition that comes into play with your website’s ranking! It may seem completely separate from the rest of your website.. However, it’s a way to not only show you’re active but also add new content.

Blogging is key in today’s world because people are constantly searching to see if they can find an immediate answer. Whether it’s finding an expert they can call/hire, looking for a DIY solution, or just learning more about something they don’t understand – more often than not, they land on someone’s blog.

On the backend, this would also means that keywords are working in your favour. And because someone is already on one part of your website, there’s the likelihood that that’ll click around and discover the rest of it!

If you’re not sure where to begin with blogging, start doing more keyword research. In addition to utilizing keywords for your website’s SEO, you should branch out to start using additional keywords as topics for blog posts.



Update your SEO/Keywords



Revisit SEO tools to revive a website that's losing traffic | Photo courtesy of Unsplash


As we have previously written about, there’s a lot of work that goes into SEO. It’s something you’d have to know how to do because website builders don’t naturally guide you through this. You may have options to pick a few keywords, or be given reports & suggestions on consistency, but that barely scratches the surface.

Refer to our previous SEO articles to find out what needs to be done here.

If you’ve already gone through determining your keywords and making sure your website’s utilizing them, then it could be time to update them. Maybe the keywords you previously selected for your website aren’t trending as much anymore?

Or, perhaps, the wording has shifted and you need to make some simple tweaks? It’s also possible competitors have done their SEO homework and now rank higher than you. Do some research on how this has changed so you can make needed changes.



Review Web Health



Check your web health to revive a website that's losing traffic | Photo courtesy of Unsplash


If you’re not up to date on the backend work that goes into SEO, it’s entirely possible your website is effected for this reason. Website’s lose authority and credibility if there are crawling and readability errors that prevent it from being indexed.

The bigger concern here is that you can have a published website which looks great online, but there might be one little thing off that means it’s not ranking in search results. Without knowing to research this, you could go on having no idea there’s a problem.

Utilize Google Search Console to see any errors they’ve found with your website. If you want to take this a step further, utilize SEMRUSH to get a Site Audit – a detailed report of all the issues dragging down your website’s SEO.

This is noteworthy because if you’re not getting traffic while adding new content and utilizing good keywords, then it could be an issue with this.



If you don’t have the time to learn all these tools and complete all the changes necessary to your WordPress website, consider one of our SEO Maintenance Plans – where we do it all for you!


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